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 Social Programme




Sunday, 19 September 2021


Opening Ceremony (16:30-18:30)

Welcoming Addresses

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Petra Heinz
Dean of the Faculty of Earth Sciences, Geography and Astronomy, University of Vienna

Ao. Univ.-Prof. Dr. Christian L. Lengauer
Head of the Department for Mineralogy and Crystallography, University of Vienna

Dr. Vera M. F. Hammer
President of the Austrian Mineralogical Society

Prize Ceremonies

Abraham-Gottlob-Werner-Medaille of the German Mineralogical Society
Presentation to o.Univ.Prof Dr. Ekkehart Tillmanns (29.1.1941-30.12.2020)
Laudatio: Prof. Dr. Reinhard X. Fischer (Bremen)
Handing over to Ms. Uta Tillmanns-Niedereder

Felix-Machatschki-Prize of the Austrian Mineralogical Society

Presentation to Mag.Dr. Dominik Sorger (Graz, Göttingen)
Laudatio: Ao.Univ.-Prof.Mag.Dr. Christoph Hauzenberger
Medallist lecture: "From a garnet inclusion to the variscan evolution:
implications for the polymetamorphic history of the Bohemian Massif"

co-authors: C.A. Hauzenberger, F. Finger, M. Linner, H. Fritz, E. Sizova, E. Skrzypek C., Iglseder, S. Schorn


Ice-breaker Party (18:30-20:30)



Monday, 20 September 2021


Conference Dinner at Heuriger Kierlinger, 18:30 -22:00
Kahlenberger Straße 20, 1190 Wien
(+43) 1 3702264


Entrance from tramline D:
opposite of the  terminus station (Nußdorf Beethovengang) Please, enter from the Zahnradbahnstraße




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