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 Programme Sessions



The contributions will be presented oral and as posters. We have chosen five topics to harmonize the programme. Please submit your abstract. All disciplines of Mineralogical Sciences are welcome.


Applied & Environmental Mineralogy

Conveners: F. Mittermayr & T. Đorđević
Industrial & economic minerals, metals, cements, ceramics & glasses, building stones, geomaterials; technical applications; forensic mineralogy, archeometry, cultural heritage & monument conservation; biomineralogy & biomineralization; natural & anthropogenic environments; weathering, dissolving, adsorption & transport processes; technical mineralogy; actual developments of techniques for (mineralogical) research; biomineralogy & biomineralization; weathering; alteration & neo-formation of minerals; dissolving, elemental & isotopic proxies; ...


Mineralogy & Crystallography

Conveners: B. Krüger & M. Ende
(New) minerals & mineral classification; crystal chemistry; mineral & crystal structure analysis; development & applications of analytical methods; phase transitions in minerals; crystal structures and properties of minerals & materials; crystal physics of minerals & functional materials; diffusion & interaction between minerals & liquids; laboratory experiments; material sciences; microstructure, mineral textures & interfaces of minerals; fluid-rock interactions; astromineralogy; ...


The Lithosphere

Conveners: B. Joachim-Mrosko & R. Abart
From melt to rock; magmatic petrology & geochemistry including recent analytical developments; metamorphism & metamorphic rocks; timing & duration of metamorphism & reactions; geochronology; geochemistry; fluids; stable & radioactive isotopes, clocks & tracers of rocks; geochronology; mineral equilibria; PT evolution of rocks; crustal & mantle fluid related processes; topotaxis of rock forming minerals; modelling; sedimentology; mineral equilibria; hydrochemical modelling; ...


Mineral & Ore Deposits

Conveners: F. Melcher & E. Libowitzky
Raw materials; deposits of metals, industrial minerals & building stones; genesis of ore & mineral deposits; exploration; industrial & economic minerals; genetic aspects to mineral processing; recent analytical developments; field studies; (deposit) modelling & mapping; weathering; supergene enrichments; ...


Open Session
Conveners: B. Moser & G. Giester
All aspects of Mineral Sciences not fitting into the sessions mentioned above. E.g., gemology, gems & gemstones; mineralogical museums & collections; teaching & history of Mineralogical Sciences;






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