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 Contributions & Presentations


Contributions will be presented oral or as posters.


Oral presentations: Keynote lectures are limited to 30 minutes, other oral presentations to 15 minutes including discussion. Speakers are kindly asked to keep on time strictly.


Speakers are kindly requested to bring their presentation preferable on an USB stick directly to the lecture room HS3. Please hand over the file for presentation to the technical assistant in the lecture room for uploading the presentation in the on-site system at least 15 minutes before the session's start. Standard software (MS PowerPoint or Acrobat reader) is available. When producing a PowerPoint file we recommend embedding all used fonts in order to guarantee a smooth presentation avoiding any surprises. If the use of your own laptop is absolutely necessary we kindly remind you not to forget adapters in case.


Oral presentations in English as well as in German are accepted, although we kindly ask speakers to present their talk in the same language as used in the abstract. In case you would like to use other than standard software or media contents, please contact the local organizers to check technical aspects in advance (oemg.mineralogie@univie.ac.at).


Posters should be placed on the poster boards provided. Material for mounting the posters will be provided. Please do not use any other material for mounting than the provided one. Posters are presented at lunch-hour in two sessions: Session A – Monday, 20 September, and session B –Tuesday, 21 September. Please mount the poster in the morning and remove it in the evening. Authors are expected to be present at their posters during the “Poster-presentation time”, i.e., during lunch-hour. 

Please prepare your poster considering the board size: standard format A0 portrait (84.1 cm x 118.9 cm) is recommended.


Posters, which are not removed by 19:00 will be disposed by the MinPet2021 staff.






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