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 Conference Site & Date

If an attendance event is possible, MinPet2021 will take place at the
Alma Mater Rudolfina (University of Vienna), Geozentrum, Althanstraße 14, 1090 Vienna
Date: 19 to 21 September 2021

According to today's status, MinPet2021 may indeed take place in presence.

Otherwise MinPet2021 will be organized as an on-line meeting.





The mineral name Almarudite is derived from the university’s original name
ALma MAter RUDolphina’.



Almarudite was found by Alice and Eugen Rondorf in 1982.
It occurs in xenoliths hosted in the leucite–tephrite lava found at the Bellerberg (Bellberg) quarry (Eastern Eifel volcanic area near Ettringen, Germany)
The name honours the ‘Universität Wien’. Founded in 1365, it is the second oldest university in the German-speaking world.


Almarudite belongs to the osumilite group of minerals.
It is dominated by manganese and beryllium.
The chemical composition is K(,Na)2(Mn,Fe,Mg)2(Be,Al)3[Si12O30]


Mihajlović, T., Lengauer, C.L., Ntaflos,T., Kolitsch, U. & Tillmanns, E. (2004): Two new minerals, rondorfite,
Ca8Mg[SiO4]4Cl2, and almarudite, K(,Na)2(Mn,Fe,Mg)2(Be,Al)3[Si12O30], and a study of iron-rich wadalite,
Ca12[(Al8Si4Fe2)O32]Cl6, from the Bellerberg (Bellberg) volcano, Eifel, Germany. - N.Jb.Miner.Abh. 179, 265-294.





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